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hmm..wat twu say about mii self..well..i like being a sadistic person..nd ...yesh..i kno wat that means..but that’s jux mii..i’m a weirdo nd i luv bein one..i’m beautiful no matter wat aniione says..mii feelings get hurt easilii..but i realii don’t care...the taste of blood is gwed..nd no..i’m not joking..yooh culd say I’m emo..becuz I yesh..thats who i am..get it..gwed..
frm now on..yooh better recognize that the name stary belongs twu mii..or if yooh want..yooh culd jux always type in colormiicuky, vampiresfawkingrawk, or sucidalstary on google..haha can find sum sites im on..XX3