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I am an Otaku for life and I am proud of it. ^^

I play a lot of MMO such as Runescape, Maple Story, Combat Arms, Ect. (Mostly inactive in most of them though >.<) and you can usually find me as skyhawk666 or skyblade6, except for Runescape which is mars racers. Currently able to play League of Legends (skyhawk666, AkakoTenshi), Runescape (mars racers), Tera Online (Viane, Nireia [Ascension Valley]) Neverwinter (Marc Seaskipper?), Path of Exile (Nireia), Vindictus (AkakoTenshi, Nireia, Vinea, LezaGoPewPew), and OSU (skyhawk666). Msg me if you wanna do stuff with me and I'll try and do that.

I also like to read a lot of manga that can show a world different from reality, for example a world with magic. If you have any suggestions I would love to hear them, thanks. ^^

I am also a musician that can play guitar, piano, viola, drums, and bass guitar. If you have any songs you wants me to listen to and play, I'll be happy to try them out (no guarantee that it would be good though >.>).

I also dance, still a beginner though. My style is hip-hop and I mainly B-boy. I can also do some House dancing and a little bit of Shuffling. I favor footwork because it was always easy for me. I also know some Choreography but that's for my dance class/group. I am also in the process of learning tricking if that counts as a dance. That's all, not much to say.

Message me here. I am on everyday. Or you can check me out over here