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I'm Gaara's girl so BACK OFF!!!

R.I.P Keiko Tobe, my number 1 favourite mangaka who wrote the series 'Within the Light: Living with an Autistic Child'. 4th of January 2012, today is the day I found out that she died. I hope that she left notes so that someone will be able to continue her work. It won't be the same without her but I love the manga and wish to find out how it might end. Please take a moment of silence to mourn her death.

I hate war. I hate fighting.
Quote from a Shaman king translator: "Anyways, look at us pitty humans. Still fighting, stil arguing, still killing each other. Haven't we learnt from previous wars? Violence leads to nothing. How many morons do we have leading our countries. Like common, we all believe in one god, doesn't matter who or what it is, and we all share the same DNA.
WTF is the problem?
Answer: IQ of 1."

You have to admit that's really true. Um the war and fighting part. Not the IQ of 1. But making mistakes is what makes us human. Even if I hate making mistakes. (They come back to haunt me 100% of the time.) But the mistake of constantly getting into fights and wars, that's the mistake we could do without.