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Hello, everyone. I'm a gamer/student, that is born and raised in Colorado, I've never moved once. I'm an of a ex-athlete that has become a major geek/nerd/gamer. I'm almost always doing something with technology, any of it being gaming, music, or anime.

For Gaming, I play RPGs, Strategy, Empire Building, Action, and Adventure.
I only listen to music, can't play any instruments, but my favorite genres are metal, and rock, with Blind Guardian and Iron Maiden, being my favorite bands.
I watch a good amount of anime, both dubbed and subbed, but I do prefer dubbed. Favorite anime genre combination is; Action, Harem, Romance, Comedy.
Outside of Technology, I'm an avid reader of fiction novels, graphic novels, and just beginning to delve into reading magna. I'm also DM'ing/Playing Dungeons and Dragons. Favorite book genre, would be Fantasy.
Well that's a little bit about my self...

My Japanese name: 松尾 Matsuo (tail of a pine tree) 忠義 Tadayoshi (loyal and righteous)