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I suppose I could sum myself up into this little space.
I'm good, yet slightly naughty.
I'm quiet and shy, yet loud and outgoing.
I'm white as snow yet black as night.
My friends say I'm proud, strong and intelligent, and but they also manage to say quite a few mean things about me, mostly involving my attention span and laziness. (X
Though I'm a teenager, I consider myself a young adult. I'm a very logical person, yet at the same time I'm ridiculous, funny and teasing. I have two sides to me, the logical side, and the illogical side. I'm a very go with the flow person, and I roll with the punches. I like to laugh, and have what I'd like to call a sense of humor. (Possibly... I don't trust my own judgment!) I'm the kind of person who can't keep a straight face or stay serious. Unless I'm really angry at someone, but I don't think I'd have a straight face then. :P
My hobbies are reading, drawing, writing, sleeping, playing video games, and daydreaming. I am currently a high school sophmore, and my best subject is English. My pet peeve is grammar. My eye twitches every time I see a grammar mistake! Guess I shouldn't go to the forums then, lol.
I love funny people, which is why I love manga! I love uniqueness and diversity, and weirdness is totally allowed! When I'm not being weird, I'm suffering from an intense case of "normal".
I have plans for my future, but you never know, fate may have other plans for me.
I like to chat. Send me a message or say hi on the forums.