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I love to sing hence the name L2SING meaning both "Love to sing" and "Live to sing". I want to be a singer later on in life. I want to make music no matter what. I don't really care about money or fame. But, I really want for people to hear me and acknowledge me. I want to prove myself by trying very hard and I will never give up. Because, I want to make people happy and help them in anyway I can by listening to my songs. I hope by listening they can find happiness, strength, and inspiration. This is my biggest hope and dream.
I wish to be a good role model to all people. I wish to learn from other people's mistakes. I wish to be like the people i adore. I wish to always be true to my heart.
I read manga because it inspires me and lets me forget about my worries. I want people to feel like that when listening to me. Oh and i also wish to be in this one particular band!! >_<
I wish for everyone to be happy.