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Annyeong~ Hello! Welcome to my profile :] ! call me Death or Denise if you will. I'm a childish person and i enjoy being immature. I am the youngest Senior of HJHS and i'm proud of the fact (i am a makanae!) I want to be called noona (older woman) but no one calls me that, sadly :[. Anywho if you haven't noticed, I'm obsessed with the korean culture. I listen to alot of korean music.

my hobbies are; writing, singing, acting, drawing, designing clothing, listening to music, playing the ukulele, reading both manga and regular books (yes i am talking about the one with words), watching movies, writing reveiws, playing games, and a bunch of other stuff. i really like art, as in music and art and theater and and other art stuff. i'm a technology freak.

Ahaha anything else? i dont think so