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well, i like manga and anime, i also enjoy video games (soul calibur and the halo series are my favorites), i love to eat meat, i could honestly eat it every meal if that wouldn't result in colin disease XD, i'm a leader and absolutely by no means a follower-- people take my orders and like it >:0 lol, i have a severe napolean complex and anybody who knows me witnesses on a daily basis, i have to ability to be a number one super duper student and i am :D if you try to challange me to a smart contest my brain will KICK your brain WITH IT'S FIST!! that's right, kick you with my fist. that is sort of my signature move, along with my incrediable "dynamik punch" .

i enjoy summertime and sunlight and energetic people. i like mangoes. i like to exercize too :D it's good for your body!! um.... i strive to one day rule the media ( not joking ) but if that fails i want to be a home maker :3 I'm a really good cook and i love to invent new tastes ( even though they sound a little weird at first... like "strawberry spinach salad" ) and i haven't had any complaints!! :D people really enjoy stuffing their faces with my food.

i draw... not as much as i used to but i want to be an animator when i graduate all of my schoolings. i have many idols and i hope maybe someday someone can idolize me :D that is if i make a decent role model of myself.

i'm trying really hard to be proper even though it's only in my nature to curse and spit and punch >__> i'm like the hall monitor you feared in grade school because she looked like she was on steroids and would beat you.

and even though i have a tough outer nutshell i'm really a big softy on the inside...

like a chestnut filled with whipped strawberry whipped cream...

i read a lot, even though i think books are stupid. they iz the dumbest things ever created. lol, illiteracy joke :D
i write a lot, but i fail at it because my thought process is like 100 million X faster then my writing abilities.

i like sports. mainly football and Rugby ( which i was only recently introduced to, thank you Finbar)
once i finally settle down i would really like a sports-y family c:
i think one of the pleasures i will take in life when i become someone's wife will be making chocolate eclaires shaped like little footballs every sunday morning before doing some family activity, so the family could settle down after on the couch and scream at the television with full mouths :3
i hope to have three sons. no girls. they are big babies and smell and have cooties. >_>