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Ello everyone!!
How are all ya feeling?

Well, as you can tell, I'm gonna give ya a little info about meh ::

[Name/Nicknames:] Ashley ; Ketchup//Ketch (don't ask...). Roxas, Edward (long story), Lady Tsunade (...PLEASE don't ask...), Cloud (at one point), Ashie (sister gave me that one)
ONES I STILL USE -- Ketchup/Ketch, Ashie, Roxas and Cloud

[Age:] 20. Got less then 4 months and I can legally get drunk. xD

[Height:] 5ft. 6in. 1/2 (sliiiightly above average in meh family)

[Likes:] Reading, writing, listening, drawing on occasion, sitting in the dark (kinda contradicting since I have a sliiiiight fear of it now), watching/reading anime and.... Nothing else comes to mind...

[Dislikes:] Stray hairs (actually a extreme fear), Coconut (HATE HATE HATE!!!), Pink (doesn't bother me much anymore but I still don't like the color), fighting, and the scary-chipper kind of people.