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Heys :)
Hajimemashite! I'm Christine.

I'm kinda new to mangable, so I don't really know what to do with this site besides read manga, so yeah. I'm noob x)

I love all sorts of manga; you can provide me with any and I'll read it. Well, except sport (no offence!) & Ye, even Yaoi :) *yeah, I LOVE Yaoi ;)*
I have ALOT of manga to catch up to. And a few I wanna read again x)

I have this obsession for hot guys, especially in manga. What, fictional characters? Hell yeah ;) *screams out KIRYUU ZEROOOOO! :D*

The profile picture isn't me, by the way. It's the lead singer of the band Blood On The Dance Floor (BOTDF) Jayy Von Monroe *droooooools*. Check 'em out, if you're into the electronica grunge type of thing :)

Wanna get to know me more?
Add if you like ;)