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d. gray-man, tsubasa reservoir chronicle, xxxholic, nurarihyon no mago, ouran high school host club, perfect girl evolution, glass mask, hayate the combat butler, kuroshitsuji, inuyasha, one piece, bleach, rurouni kenshin, full metal alchemist, legend of sun knight, 1/2 prince, defense devil, +anima, +c sword and cornett, fruits basket, ao no exorcist, ayashi no ceres, black cat, fairy tail, fate/stay night, chrno crusade, fire emblem-hasha no tsurugi, flame of recca, clannad, d.n.angel, the melancholy of haruhi suzumiya, lucky star, claymore, death note, full moon wo sagashite, nabari no ou, spiral: the bonds of reasoning, alice 19th, gintama, king of hell.
And thats all i can think of for now...