what are your saddest anime moments? (beware of spoilers)
8th September 2013 20:08
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6 smartwatches you should know about before you buy the Galaxy Gear By Pippa Tshabalala | Memeburn – Thu, Sep 5, 2013
View Photo watches 6 smartwatches you should know about before you buy the Galaxy Gear
By now most of you will hopefully have heard about the flood of smartwatches hitting the market. You may have heard rumours of the Apple iWatch or perhaps have considered buying one of the models already available.
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cheap watches Well, let’s cuts through the chaff and rumours, and round-up the watches that are already available on the market and have pretty decent functionality. There are some not included on this list for a number of reasons – either because they’re no longer in production, haven’t yet actually hit the market yet, or have rather limited functionality and don’t in my mind really qualify as a smartwatch. Onward.
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