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28th January 2013 07:17
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According Maxidas ds708 to previous reports, the new Fiesta is still equipped with 1.3L, 1.5L displacement J2534 interface engine, transmission parts, will be replaced with a 6-speed manual gearboxes cash 4AT gearbox. It is understood that in the future the new Fiesta also benz sd connect expected to be powered 1.0T cylinder engine.

I do not think too many repeat about the appearance of the new Jetta, which has been deeply integrated into the Volkswagen family genes Fortunately, the new Jetta has its own characteristics, polygon headlights, sharp waist distinguish itreference and other models.

New star diagnosis compact 4 Jetta tire sizes are 185/60 R15, all models are Hankook OPTIMO K415 tires, this tire is Hankook many depot ancillary products, the main character is a wearable drawback is slightly harder that comfort is not currently on the market price tech 2 isuzu of 380 yuan. AUTO