Dashboard Markings?
12th June 2012 00:31
Regular User
Sorry if this thread or the function already exists, I tried looking in the forums already and I don't see the function I'm looking for.

Anyway, Is it possible to make it so I can see the dashboard status on a manga while browsing? That wasn't very clear, so I'll try to clarify.
Say I am browsing manga, say at the manga list, and I've marked "Manga A" as 'want to read'. While I'm at the manga list, is it possible to see that I've marked it as 'want to read' without going into it, perhaps after the views column and before last chapter?
This is especially useful to me since I'm looking at a wide variety of manga and sometimes forget if I've looked at a particular one before, and stuff like that. Probably not as useful to other people, but it would still be convenient for everyone I think!