Bleach - Who exactly is Soul Society's active leader? Is SS too conservative?
1st December 2011 17:42
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I've always wanted to know who actually decides all the things that go on in Soul Society. I know they've got a king but he's only a representative and doesn't even live in the same dimension. They don't even know if he exists, but still believe in him, which is pretty similar to the christian religion. Believing in some dude, that maybe doesn't even exist..etc.
I know that this Chamber 41 or 43 (I totally forgot the name) is something like a jury but is that the only thing they do? What about laws, etc?
And if that's really everything they do, does that mean that Jii-sama is the one with the full power?

I personally have got a problem with the political structure of Soul Society. It kind of reminds me of a radical monarchy or even some kind of dictatorship, where one person decides it all.
I also think that the way Soul Society is now is far too conservative and stiff. It has changed throughout the manga, thanks to Ichigo, but still Jii-san and his radical decisions are the main problem throughout the whole first arch and it doesn't stop there. The Zanpakutou arch could've also been avoided, same as the whole thing with Hell's gate in the fourth film.

So, what do you think?