Can someone draw this for me? 2
30th September 2011 21:05
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OMG you guys are geniuses I swear, both are so cool ;D sorry, totally forgot my password and the email I registered with, I think I've only been on here when I was high - maybe if I smoke something I'll remember again, but for the time being, wanted to say they're awesome

Originally posted by arsetothem
im currently imagining it.... but i dont know if i can draw it.
theres a bit of problem:
who's drinking liquor and reading wine? the women or the cat?
i assume the women since the cat is smoking weed. but both women cant drink and read at the same time since their holding their fans. so one woman is drinking with fan and the other is drinking and reading.
liquor - bottle or glass? and what kind of glass?
weed - bong, Cigar-style or cigarette-style?

And for you, if you want to improve yer already stunning drawing . Yep, the woman, and yea she'd kind of have to hold three things, unless the book is not leaning on something (like her hawt thighs in your drawing)

Glass. I don't mind the shape, I like yours. And you went right on with cigar ;) .