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9th October 2010 05:29
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Hitler was the biggest hypocrite ever to walk this earth.

After feeling butt-hurt from failing at art, he went got all mad that he didn't cause World War I.

He blamed himself, as a Jew, and henceforth hated all of his kind.

He hated Jews, people without blonde hair and blue eyes, cripples.

All things that he related to him. He was a black haired, brown eyed Jew with a crippled sister.

Sorry to instigate, but I really don't like racism. Especially racism that was "dealt with" several decades ago.

By Michael Corleone (Godfather Joke).

Racism isn't nice. Try something like arts and craft.

The Swastika that you wear now was once known as a symbol of peace. Try to look past the 3rd Reich.

Look at the peace the Swastika has held,for over 3000 years before your "Fuher" besmirched it.

I'm not tellin you how to live yer life.

Just that hatin people that haven't done a thing to ya' ain't gonna make it any better.

But whatever floats your boat, buddy.

Forgive the ignorance, but this is comin from a tolerant Atheist.

Lambo, Mangable's Green Knight of Peace, OUT~!!
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