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Can you please add more of Black Bird when it gets out PLEASE
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Beijing Nike Air Max 2015 Mens said the man was not killed in the subway Tiaogui real name whistleblower

999 emergency personnel rushed to the scene, witnesses confirm that the passenger has died, Mr. Zhang said, was himself a positive take on the 1st line Wukesong station through the city, 7:12 into the Wukesong Xu train station, the speed slightly slowly, after Women Air Max Thea Print arriving car door did not Nike Air Max Flyknit Mens open, within the site will not let you get off the staff indicate 'I saw several staff carrying a stretcher jump to the front direction, looking for about 10 minutes, it should be nothing, then train again move a little, and after a moment stretcher carrying a corpse out of the 'Beijing Subway Company official said, because at that time the car space is small, Nike Free 5.0 V5 the passengers can not be carried away, found moving train twice after the accident, passengers carried party platform 7:20 points, first restore Nike Dunk power, small-scale train moving for processing, but still can not be loaded onto passenger stations, temporary staff to track the passenger diversion channel at the Men Free Run center. 7:41, the train stop to take the whole column Qing measures carried out the passengers left the station to make room, 7:50, contact rail power outages continue to deal with again, 7:53 The passengers were carried to the site, according to five pine trees, the staff said, was himself on duty, the man from farther than to see the subway station when he suddenly rushed down the track, then rolled over by a train. 'Like other passengers in Nike Free 4.0 V3 Basketball Nike KDurant the other car that suddenly rushed down.'
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remake surveillance video showed the incident occurred is located in the west of the location of the subway station, then yellow line several passengers standing outside waiting. One was wearing a black coat, wearing a black hat and a middle-aged man appeared, hands in your pockets, and went to the west side of the station waiting for the yellow line. At this point the train is arriving, the man strode across the yellow line, jumped off the platform back side lying orbital plane, after a second, the train pulled into the station from the man who ran over. After 3-4 seconds, the platform of a man waving his arms, motioning to stop the train, but the fall man has been run over by two rail cars, the site went from waiting position to be a train ran over Sneaker Online the man, the whole process only 13 seconds. Currently, the police and the authorities are further work. Baoding Police said the Beijing News reporter, Beijing police have not received notification, is to understand the matter.
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