Manga Updates and Gaps in some Manga's
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Personally their seem to be some gaps in chapters with some of the manga's uploaded on this site from chapters missing to pages missing. It's become rather tiresome and while I know it would just be easier to probably buy the Manga and avoid this trouble if your going to upload a manga to a site for many others to read don't you think you should at least upload it properly rather then get lazy about it?

Another problem with this site is it seems that some pages simply won't load and when i try to get it to either the page is broken, or the page is no longer their. I find this rather irritating especially when it happens at good points of the manga. I really didn't want to believe that it was the site itself but, just to be sure i went to a few other sites and the manga's i was trying to read were fine and had no problems.

The second Issue I'm seeing here with this site is the updates. Honestly this site is way to far behind on half the series that are on here. To my surprise A series that i was waiting on to be updated here..turns out that it has like 21 other chapters already out on another site! And these chapters were uploaded over a year ago. While it may have been stupid of me to wait around in hopes that this site would update I'm great full to my friends who read some of the same things I do and told me that the manga's had updated elsewhere. To make matters worse I find not only did
Suki-tte Ii na yo(Say I love you)
Not UPDATED many others i read were also not updated and were so far behind...

I personally am beginning to think that at this point the site is falling, not only is Andy showing a lack of care for the site in keeping it organized, updated and working properly I beginning to see that its probably one of the not so good sites to continue to rely on for manga anymore. It may be harsh to say but unless i see a bit of change with the site and the manga updates and fixes in gaps of pages and chapters...I don' think i will be spending as much time on here as i used to when their are other reliable manga sites to go to instead.
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