Make the email alert optional
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I am new to Mangable, and have just started to browse various mangas on this site. I noticed that there is an "add to dashboard" feature, where Mangable will keep track of mangas I am reading,etc. It is a great feature, as I can continue reading each manga from the last chapterpage I was on before I exit the site.

However, I hope that there is an option to turn on/off the email alerts when new chapters come out, as I have already subscribed to the RSS feeds, and want to rely on RSS instead of email for new chapter alerts.
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Bump for that.
Also, Andy, I haven't got any e-mail from mangable on any of my e-mails.
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Hey becoz,

Currently that is being worked on for the new version :) By then, you will be able to choose whether or not to receive email updates

As for now, the only thing I can suggest is to simply set up a filter.. redirect all emails from to a different folder :)

Hope this helps a little
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