cheap lingerie wholesale shoe is the opposite of the above shoe
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But very season the trend continues to change from style to various colors. Here are some of the designs, to wit; Round toe high heeled shoe It is a lower heeled shoe usually used match with casual dresses rather than formal dresses. Most women wear this kind of shoes for comfort and ease, no need to have cheap lingerie wholesale special tricks while walking. Some tall women prefer this kind of shoe because they don't feel taller while wearing this. Platform high heeled shoe The design of this cheap lingerie wholesale shoe is the opposite of the above shoe. It has a large heel and looks very formal. This can be worn in all occasions like in restaurants, clubs, weddings, anniversaries and other evening outings. Most women wear this while in the office, they worn it with nylon but it can also be worn without it. Peep toes high heeled shoes are a nice looking shoe, where there is a mid to high heel and an opening at the bottom for toes. This shoe can be worn with or without nylons and looks great with dresses and skirts. It is most often seen worn at night or during the day to formal events. It can be worn at work as well, but as long as your outfit matches your shoes. Pointed high heeled shoes are an excellent choice for women who want a little edge to their shoes. They look crisp and clean and look great with any look. They can be worn with pants and nylons, skirts and dresses. This type of shoe is most often seen with nylons. This shoe can be worn at night and during the day. It can range from being super sexy, to professional casual. The heel can range from mid to high in length.
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