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  • Daily Update post: It would be nice to have a seperate section of newly added mangas at the end of these posts, so you don't have to read the whole lists. Same with fixed chapters.

  • It would be more comfortable, if the suggestion folder is split into: suggestions, will-soon-be-realised, never-be-realised, already-realised (like an archive).

  • I don't know why there must be a separate manga viewer problems-folder besides the bug reports-folder. Is the problem of missing pages in a chapter because of a bug in the reader, or are the pages just not uploaded correctly? Since I don't know the answer, the two folders can be merged into one. Instead I would appreciate, if the fixed bugs are moved to an archive.

  • It would be nice, if the site administration leaves a message in the bug report threads, that they are aware of the problem, but can't fix it in a few days.
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  • Misunderstood what you said...anyway I think this idea would be fine as long as the daily post if long enough for it.

  • Those that are organized into those categories would be hurtful. If Andy tells you it's not possible in a private message it's enough. But to put the topic in a place where people would see it? Not only humiliating but they would lose a lot of confidence in themselves. Also Andy posts in a certain post where he shows a new features for the site.

  • As for the 3rd and 4th points, I think it's better to just have faith. This place hasn't been abandoned so just be patient.
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