Thoughts on how to keep the spam people out
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This is just an idea and it would probably take more effort than it is worth but I was thinking giving out the "trusted user" status. This sounds ridiculous even to me but oh well. So like without the status you would not be able to even post or something like that. So imagine someone starts a new profile and they don't get the trusted user status right away so the spam posters would not be able to just keep making new ones and do what they love to do.
This would of course make it inconvenient for actual nice people who want to participate in the forums but there might be like a mini forum that new users can post in "the untrusted user thread" To award people trusted status just have all the people who do have trusted status(probably the regulars like jens, terdflusher, uni. I know there are other people who have a massive number of posts but i don't remember their names.(sorry for that by the way)
It would probably take way to much coding and even more participation from the various users of the site so it is prob not worth going into more detail on what was in my mind.
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I have an idea to keep more spam bots from poping up. You know some forums when you register they have that "To prove that you are not a machine, please type the following words" thing we should have that. Once that is done banned/delete the account of the existing spamers
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All this and forum mods would be spectacular.
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Originally posted by insanepayne
This is just an idea and it would probably take more effort than it is worth but I was thinking giving out the "trusted user" status.

I have seen this on other sites, usually you start able to post and everything, but mods have the option to report your posts, 3 strikes, and you cannot post for a day, if it happens again 1 month and 3rd time is life, combined with the "are you human test" this no doubt reduce the spam. Also just a though but maybe allowing users on good terms to delete their own posts, to prevent accidental double posts or thread bumps?
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As mentioned, a captcha on signup could help. Although, if they're bots do they get past the math question? o.o That's pretty impressive.
I don't know about the "trusted user" status with the member base the site has right now, if the "untrusted" section fills up with spam, no new users will want to post. But if it's not too difficult to set up it's worth a shot! A delete feature for your own posts would be very nice though.
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