Kyoukai no Rinne
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Hi, Andy.

Thanks ever so much for fixing up the missing chapters. But I have another problem.

Over a year ago, I started reading Kyoukai no Rinne. There are 16 chapters posted on this site. And it's ongoing as far as I know. I recently got a update (on my dashboard) saying that it's been updated. On the dashboard it says it has 95 chapters. I was so excited that I had to read it! But as soon as the page loaded, it showed that there was only 16 chapters. What's going on? Have you just not uploaded them yet or are they there, but just invisible?

Also, is there a reason the manga hasn't been updated in so long? I haven't been able to find it anywhere else so please could you tell me? I really, really love this story!!
R.I.P Keiko Tobe.

I write Naruto fanfics. Both are romances and humour but Konoha High has suspence and Love, pretend and one girl has comedy. I think you would enjoy it.
Please read my stories and comment/review them!!
I would really appreciate it!!
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