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Hi Andy & Co!

It's been a while since I've been able to do anything let alone come back to mangable, and BOY has it turned out awesome!

I have another feature request; For Categories, there are some such as "smut" "harem" etc. That are actual categories under a specific manga but when you try to search for other manga with "smut" "Harem" etc from the category list hey are not there. A good example of this is "Koibana Onsen" Where out of the categories it's classified under there are 3 unsearchable; which are "SMut" "Harem" & "Adult" I'd love to see as many searching categories as there are on mangafox (I KNOW ITS A BAD WORD :P) since it would make it easier to search for similar manga.

ALSO If it's not too much trouble, I believe that if there was a list somewhere on the page with manga that has similar categories it would be awesome as well!

The last thing I'd like to request is a status feature under the manga picture. For instance "Completed, on Hiatus, dropped, on-going" etc. That would be AWESOME! Thanks for all the awesome fixes Andy!
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