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I think that you should make the pages a little longer Vertically because most of the time the words are cut off and you don't get the whole page. I've noticed it in a lot of the manga,they are cut off too soon at the bottom of the page so you don't get the whole thing.
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I personlly raise this issue myself weeks ago, so far I havent got an answer and other members are posting about the same issue. So I end up typing the same message again and again. I guess PM andy about the issue and he'll get back to you sometime in the near future.....
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I am not sure but I think I may have brought up the issue before even you did uni. I may not have I am not sure but yeah that's how it goes.
I was watching toradora and a line came up and it was like "life does not always go smoothly" or something. So just chill out and either wait patiently to see if andy can do something about it or do what I do and whenever you see a page that is not full keep that page up and in another tab go to a different website to read it and then when you finish go back go back to mangable and go to the last page so that your dashboard will keep track of it. Maybe that is too much work but that is what I do.
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