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I know the dash is already divided into reading/completed and those other categories. I have a huge lists though and was thinking it would be cool if it could be sorted alphabetically or something or other.
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I agree completely! I am new to the site... and I was thinking the same thing. Also, would there be a way that we could keep track of what chapter we are on?
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Yeah, just sign in, go to the manga, and add it to the dashboard as, say, "reading"

When you go to the manga's main page (where it has the summary of the story, genres, all the chapters etc.), it will say something like

"Currently: Reading

* — You will be emailed of any new chapters
* — You last read chapter 32"

In a blue box and stuff. Click the link below that (but still in the box) that says, "Click here to Continue reading" and it will take you to the last page you read/opened. Literally the last one you opened. So, if you were reading chapter 3 page 10, and you accidentally opened chapter 8 page 3, it would 'record' the chapter 8 page 3 as the last page you 'read'.
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I think the dashboard is fine the way it is BUT, I'd like to see something for updated mangas like it has on the directory.

Therefore when you actually get to your manga dashboard, you be able to see "NEW!" or "UPDATED!" next to the manga that has been updated instead of looking at what chapter you last read compared to the latest chapter.
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should be able to remove something from you dashboard as well
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Dashboard has been revampted for version 2, and is almost complete :D
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You da man Andy! Keep on keepin on. Or keep being awesome or whatever phrase you can think of that means the same thing.
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I think the dashboard should have a delete button of the mangas you dont want on there
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