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I just came from mangafox, due to the fact it gave me a virus, and I'm getting nice and settled here on mangable; however, I feel there's one feature mangable's lacking that I'd be really happy to have (and I'm sure I'm not the only one):

Some sort of search or filter.
You know--check/select the categories we'd like to have in the manga we're hoping to read next/find. It annoys me greatly that when we click on categories that we can only search for one category at a time. An example would be if I'm looking for a shoujo-- I'm not a fan of Ecchi + Shoujo. And I might want to have some comedy in there as well.

If there is actually a way to search/filter through these things, I would be very happy if I was told of this. Also, if someone has already suggested this, I'm sorry because I have missed it.

To whoever read this-- thank you for listening to my concerns and suggestions.
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DemonWingedVixen - Thanks for your feedback! A little birdie tells me that we have a new version of Mangable coming out, I just have to find the time to finish it! Doh! But, I completley understand what you're saying - and it's an awesome suggestion! I will be sure to include that in the next version, which should be out in a couple of weeks, hopefully! :D

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