Is it just me? or has new chapters of manga being added slower than usual?
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usually when i come on mangable, alot of new chapters of different manga are added eachday, but for this past month and a part of last month it seems less is being added. Am i imagining this? If not is there a reason why? It has been bugging me for a while.

If this is a dumb topic or seems like spam or is in the wrong forum please let me know so i can either erase it or post it in the correct spot.
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I think Andy is trying his best
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Um where have you been?? Dont you watch the news??

Japan got hit be a earthquake and a tsumani. so most of the manga will be delayed.
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Oh, that's true. I never thought of that. Duh, since manga comes from japan and Japan is having a crisis, of course they would be delayed. Wow, that goes to show how little I'm paying attention. Not to mention I have family in Japan.
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