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Why no winter break in the Premier League? This torture for a long time. While the FA and the Premier League side in addition to the "traditional" stall outside on this issue could only shrug. Indeed players want a half rest and hopes to have a family reunion full of Christmas, fans would want on Boxing Day, and normally flock to department store shopping. As journalists, I'm on top of the train from London to travel north to Newcastle, due to limited capacity reduced Christmas train, train the same day as the squad travelled to St James ' Park crowd in full. I and quite a few counterparts have had to go in alighting on the cold ground, and complained about the lack of a winter break in the Premier League, set up winter break is the main topic for the FA and the Premier League do have far-reaching difficulties. Especially before the FA Cup semi-final matches, the two teams drew once, waiting for them to be another replay. Winter break is set to explode in March or April, the race is tight, and FA Cup embarrassment that this unique tradition in danger of being abandoned. There is also the League's televised commercial interest, due to the two broadcasters ' game, each round of play in the Premier League race season except Saturday lunch and Sunday evening, in recent years also been dispersed by Monday night, which to a great extent led to chaos in the race. Some teams a break for 10Day, Lien Chan for three games a week, relaxation of different race were devoured by many teams. It also was canceled in March by fans suggested FIFA international match day, allowing easy arrangements of the FA and the Premier League Committee of the race,buy cheap fifa 14 coins but that involving stakeholders more, maneuverability is lower in the mutation of cultural and customary traditions, hate on the people of England, winter break and really need a reasonable opportunity. Previously always the tournament's worst record as a breakthrough, in recent years most requested is the 2010 South Africa World Cup, England preparing for the period there have been international quit the national team because of injury, even Captain Rio Ferdinand was not spared. And in the finals in four games, was tortured by overload before the race, "three lions" player as if sleepwalking, team barely qualify to final 2:4 defeat in Germany. England media game Hou did not hesitate to will not set winter break period and green training resources lack tied for for team repeatedly war repeatedly defeated of important causes 2010 late England bid 2018 World Cup fiasco, but see Qatar Rob to 2022 World Cup, has been calls for established winter break period of England media is front a bright, West of hot weather let FIFA support hosted party will World Cup finals circle time from summer adjustment to local of winter 20 degrees Celsius early of fine weather, plus cool of sea breeze, Winter is the best time for Western Asia, but then mainstream European leagues will be greatly affected, Fifa 14 Coins, We Offer Cheap Fifa 14 Coins For PC, PS3/PS4, XBOX!! Germany, Italy and the West to the leagues will have to spend winter break in advance or elongate, whereas England have to passively facing history's first winter break. Media and the Football Association have eagerly and hope winter break not only 2022Years later, the "fixture" and is ready to push the parties concerned had established at least 2021 winter winter break to allow players and clubs are buffered and adaptation.
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