fifa 14 coins xbox won the UEFA Champions League
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And 3 years Qian fans face lost "free Premier" of mob excitement compared to, fifa 14 coins xbox people on this broadcast right bid of "dystocia" is extremely calm, because many fans has habits has no Premier of life, they has no longer anger, and even no longer care has 3 years Qian, turned out to was born of days Sheng sports to 50 million dollars of bid killed back ESPN, obtained has China area of Premier League broadcast right, The company also won the UEFA Champions League, as well as other National Football League broadcast rights immediately on the day Grand price won the broadcasting rights sparked considerable controversy, Tin Shing is the most controversial execution changed ESPN free mode of multi-year, instead of in digital pay TV channels broadcast. At that time, due to the boom in China's nascent digital TV, including Tian sheng, CEO Song Zheng, quite some of the media to believe that pay to watch for the future 3 years past, trend failed to materialise. "Tiansheng model" has reached an untenable situation, Tin Shing has not announced specific pay viewership, but investors holding company had personally referred to "almost negligible", in this comment I can only imagine the result Tiansheng model of failure has become today a new round of broadcast rights causes of dystocia. Within the Premier League, the Premiership ad sponsors dispute, in both free and paid models, on all major platforms and new platforms difficult choices between the two platforms. From the current indications are that a failure of the past 3 years have been verified as Tian Sheng models improved version has the potential to become the Premier League's new 3-year period, with $ 50 million in revenue in the Premier League, for the market influence in China's back, how did all this happen?
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