Storyboard: Souls of FATE
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Episode 10: Controlled Karma

"What goes around, comes around..."

Shin: Do you know what Karma is?

???: What the hell are you talking about? bastard.

Shin: forget it. it won't be of use to you anyway.

???: ...Huh?

(Shin activates his power, and giant black arm appears)

???: What's happening to you? You sick or something?

Shin:! what...?

(I guess normal People can't see Arcana... Shin thought)

Shin: heh Doesn't matter... your gonna die anyway... This is just Karma. This is fate...

( With his power he blows the delinquents away with one wave of the Devil's arm)

???: Gah!!!! w-whats happening? what was that?...

???: Gaakht!!! i-i can't move...

Shin: hahahaha!!! its too easy! who's high and mighty now!!!

(they are bleeding and unable to move from the pain...)

???: P-Please! H-help me...

Shin: Help? ...fine! i'll stop your suffering now. Goodbye-

(Shin raises its giant arm and slams it into the ground... But-)

Shin: huh? whats this?

(Shin notices that his fist didnt touch the ground, it seem a force is stopping it.)

???: I see, you are able to use your powers... but you still need control. my boy.

Shin: Heh! youre one of the Arcanas i presume. Whats your Title?!

???: I am the overseeing guide, I am the ancient bearer of Wisdom. I am "The Hermit".

Shin: you look more of a regular old man to me.

Hermit: and you are an impatient and foolish young man, drunken with the Devil's power.

Shin: what's it to you. Old man!

Hermit: misuse of the Devil's Power can result to your doom... but your life is no importance to me, it just the Devil will be complete by devouring you and its pretty troublesome to find a new Arcana for the Devil.

Shin: hmph! cheeky old bastard. i can control my powers just fine, so leave me alone.

Hermit: Suit yourself, My boy.

(the hermit suddenly disappears. then a student is near approaching)

Shin: sigh... you scum are lucky today, i dont feel killing people like you... if you know whats good fo you - shut your mouth.

(Shin quickly hides away...)

???: very can he learn to awaken his powers for a short time without training him?

Hermit: be patient... just continue monitoring him.

"but if one can stop or manipulate it, then it different altogether"

Episode 10: Controlled Karma ends

Next: Episode 11: Shadowing

not much activity these few days. but i still continue till the end.
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You are a born writer!!!!!!!!!!Just reading it i could picture every thing you were describing!! I love it! i stayed up all night drawing. trying to capture this awsomeness. i finally ended up with an decent chapter of Souls of Fate for my own reading purposes.
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..... Do you have a fan club for your stories???
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nice keep it up man im liking where its going
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i told you i had drawn a chapter of souls of fate...unfortunately before i could scan it and send it to you it got thrown away during clean up. sorry. i really like your story but its to hard to draw like that all the time. i hope you keep posting its a badass storyboard.
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I like it. Don't think i've ever come across something like this. It is interesting.
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