Miki Falls by Mark Crilley
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i love this series ive read the first chapter at a library and he is such a great artist plus the plot is ingenius the pics are so detailed and i would love to finish them. please consider it. please
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Yes! I have read the whole series and it is really good! Good luck and hope to see it on the site soon!
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OMG! i've always wanted to read that from how many times my friend have been teling me about it! (she was moaning to me that she wanted to read it since she luved the artist/writter and the story was realy good - she wanted me to get it for her but what can i do....i don't have money on me and they dont have it in the liburary either) i realy wanna know if its good as it seem!

YOU HAVE TO POST IT ON MANGABLE! (or my friend might hunt u in ur sleep )
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