Requesting Kimengumi Manga
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Please add the kimengumi manga this is a missing manga in all online reading web sites
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Beijing flavor of Beijing Film Festival
China main version
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lasted six days of the Second Beijing International Film Festival has ended, 15 President of the International Film Festival from around the world, three hundred foreign stars attended the event with more than four thousand domestic and foreign guests witnessed the success of this event . Yin Hong, director of the film with the Communications Research Center of Tsinghua University words: a notable feature is the year of the Beijing Film Festival

first festival in the professional, international road has taken an important step forward. From movies to Free Trainer 3.0 the festival season, just two years, the Beijing International Film Festival has become a grand party in the world of the film. In recent years, Beijing cultural development as the adjustment of industrial structure and the transformation of economic development as an important work, cultural and creative industries have become an important pillar industry of Beijing's economy and new economic growth pole. In 2011, Beijing cultural and creative industry's total revenue exceeded 900 billion yuan, in the context of the cultural industry development, the Beijing International Film Festival will undoubtedly break a new path.

Secondly, the Beijing Capital International Film Festival gave a good opportunity for the people to experience the world's film art style and cultural charm. This session of the festival set up a game-free carnival, performing screening area located in the central area of ​​the Olympic Park, film technology experience zone, open-air film screening area, Dining area and other six plates, and another seven days and 12 topics charity screenings of the film screenings, fans Sneaker Online can enjoy food products here and enjoy movies, and movie Zero
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