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i heared this story was good so i have interests in it and would like to read it, only i cant seem to find a web where they actualy have it.... i'd be greateful if mangable could post D.N.Angel on this web!
here's whats the story about (i think ):
(got this from a web...)

"On Daisuke Niwa's fourteenth birthday, Risa Harada, the girl he tried to give a love letter to, told him, "You're a good friend". That day, when the heartbroken Daisuke thinks of Risa, he suddenly transforms into the legendary great phantom thief, known as "Kaitou Dark". And he has to go, according to the note his mother left, to steal the Sacred Maiden.!?It's Daisuke and company's adventures on streets that resemble Europe! You can't miss it!!"
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I agree with mangaLuVeR the only place where I can read D.N Angel is outside the internet but thats about 6 months per volume by then I forgot what is going on.

Please andy I also want to read dn angel
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I love that manga too!!
(PS It's a rose:3)
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Tada. We have had this.. forever

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