Pearl Pink/Tennen Pearl Pink/天然パールピンク
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AUTHOR: : Meca Tanaka

Plot Summary: Following the funny romance between bubbly Tamoko and the serious Kanji. With Kanji's father running an idol agency, and Tamoko being the daughter of their top-selling idol, Shinju. Tamako must hide the fact she is Shinju's daughter to save public face, but at the same time, is determined to be his ideal wife because of a was promised when they were little kids. It doesn't help that Tamako's pretty clumsy and Bad at domestic chores, but no matter what she won't give up.

i hope this time i found this manga here:

Look for the words i need to hear
Savor the sweet chances that just went by
Ackwardness didnt stop me from adoring you
Wake up before the sun sets
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