Mamotte! Lollipop and Madotte! Mamotte! Lollipop
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I havent read them however they seem like pretty good reads. Here are the plot sumaries from ANN:

Mamotte! Lollipop - Nina eats something that looks like a candy ball during her birthday party, but it turns out to be a crystal pearl that some wizards are going after it for an exam to become professional wizards. The crystal pearl is stuck in Nina for six months so she's going to be chased after a lot.
Nina is a 12 year old, 7th grade girl who dreams of a strong, careing, handsome boy who can protect her . One day shes eating out with her friends she ate a Crystal Pearl what she thought was a candy. But the pearl was a goal for the Sorcery Exam. She meets two boys Zero and Ichii who claims they are sorcerers who will protect her till they can get the pearl out of her(approximately 6months). During these months a lot of other sorcerers come and try to force the pearl out of her so they can win.

Modotte! Mamotte! Lollipop - A few years after the first series, Nina is wondering just where her romance with Zero will end up. But, once again, Nina ends up swallowing the Crystal Pearl, so now Zero and Icchi must protect her. However, this time, the only way to remove the pearl is to make her heart beat faster, and since a new rule states that Nina can't get romantic with any of the contestants, this could be a problem.
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oh i've always wanted to read this one!!!!!!!!
i soooooooooooo support this!
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