Welcome to the new server! :D
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If you can read this message, it means you are now browsing Mangable on our new server.

As I said in a post a couple of days ago - the website will now run MUCH faster.

Over the past month, the website has had painfully slow loading times, and was completely unavailable at times. I realise this has been frustrating, and made a lot of people reluctant to return. However.

Everything is now fixed!

Not only is the server much faster, but we have lots more room to store manga! We literally have *thousands* of new series to add. We should be adding around 50-100 per day (hopefully). If you have any special requests for a series, please request it in the Request New Manga Series Forum

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Whoaaa!! That's a lot of new mangas per day.
Mangas I am crazy for:
Beauty Pop
Ouran High School Host Club
Ultra Maniac
Cactus's Secret
Marmalade Boy

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