teams on the right after the angle of
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Big star Paul before the game had predicted Germany will beat Uruguay, which is already forecast it seventh in the World Cup. As expected in the battle for third place in the Germany team 3:2 win over Uruguay. Paul, all statements in the Germany team results by a number of substitutes against Germany, 11th in South Africa Port Elizabeth over the strength of its best Uruguay team, become the first World Cup history "defending" the third place team. buy fifa 14 Xbox coins Has recorded four-ball at the World Cup Rookie of the year favorite Thomas. Moller for Germany team opened the first crowded in by Spain's David Villa and Netherlands top goalscorers for the first group, composed of Sneijder. Lone hero Forlan for Uruguay into the go-ahead score a second goal, also with top goals tied for the top goalscorers Germany coach Loew unexpectedly "frozen" back goalkeeper Manuel Neuer, right, Rahm, striker Miroslav Klose and Podolski four powerhouses for the bout, Augault, Iansen and card test. Moeller lifted back and midfield consisting of shiweiyinshitaige and Ernest Zirl Germany Chariots of fire. Already in this tournament into four goals Klose as with Spain in the semi-finals of a back injury, the audience sat on the bench,

Failed to reach beyond Brazil "alien" Cristiano Ronaldo to keep the ball in the World Cup total score highest dreams. Klose was the year the World Cup silver shoe (ball) and the annual Golden boot (the ball) into the World Cup semi-finals for the first time in 40 years of the Uruguay team best main battle, a winning attitude. Absence of Red striker Luis Suarez of the semi-final lifting of the ban, and Fran and Cavagni form a Trident strike. Iron Guard injury like Lugano scoring battle heavy rain did not affect this highly ornamental. Both teams started with an duigong, intense scene. Deadlock was broken when the minutes. Shiweiyinshitaige great long shots by Uruguay goalkeeper musileila stand out, Mueller promptly follow up fill spot network. But the minutes, the backcourt errors in shiweiyinshitaige, Uruguay team ball back form the last three against two, and striker Cavagni single pole into the closed area, how to shoot far post minutes, Uruguay Beck break down Gonzalez comes back the edge of the box, Fran volley a volley ball elastic rebound NET. Germany goalkeeper bout by surprise by foot, four waves of the world surprised nothing happens. But he didn't last long, and after only three minutes and Germany teams on the right after the angle of 45 degrees inclined,

Iansen header, come to: minute, Loew replaced Kakao, Chislin on strengthening downfield firepower. Minutes, the Germany midfielder hedila qiangdian header in front. Chislin foot boom gate at the end of the game was nearly settled. Before the final whistle while Fran beams of a direct free kick hit the foot Uruguay goalkeeper musileila this game is extremely abnormal, many times "butter" and caused opponents to score, is the main reason for this World Cup the biggest dark horse lost tonight.
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