Today's release of Guild Wars 2 third novel
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Today's release of Guild Wars 2 third novel, Sea of Sorrow is also with the updated version has a great touch, players can participate in the game in Cheap Old School Runescape Gold the hunt hunting activities in the past, to explore the three books mentioned important location of the incident. Players need to do is to collect these three locations 12 medals, although the whole process is very boring, but the task is completed very generous reward.PS3 version Diablo 3 is completely detached from the RMAH

You can play alone or offline D3. Now, I hope that they can be added in the PC version of this patch. But this version apart from these two details but also have differences. First, the novice user interface has been changed after quite suitable for large PS3, you can see in the following screen being filled your screen has been lower left corner of the lower half of the life bar and toolbar instead. If there are two or more players to play games on the same screen, a toolbar and human health bar will appear in the other corner, the screen does not look so crowded.

Similarly, when the number of players and the game, the screen outside the space depends on the distance between you and them. If a friend temporarily Guild Wars 2 Gold leave, then they will temporarily leave you for a while, so you do not wait for them. If you transferred to a new song cloud, then they will fall behind, but when they come back will easily transferred to your side.
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