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Moris Buy Fifa 14 Coins said the team had to be careful with Nilin at the same Fifa 14 Coins time, given that their core audience tends to be males in the 15-to-25 age range. "You have to avoid the pitfalls of making her just a damsel in distress or a sex bomb, because this is what you think would appeal most to the hordes of men that constitute your fan base," he said. "But if you respect your public, then you refuse to dumb your work down, and eventually it pays back because what you do is different. But I'm not saying we're the only ones. I'm quite happy to see that more and more games feature female protagonists."

Having a female lead was necessary to further push the story of intimacy and personal memories in Remember Me's cyberpunk world of Neo-Paris, Moris said. "This is very different from usual cyberpunk themes that focus more on physical augmentation. An immense amount of work went into making sure that Nilin was a balanced mix of attractive looks and resonating character traits. Character design, dialogue, animation, game rules ... everything plays a part in making sure that she comes across as a powerful character."
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