isn't my concession
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house, these 3 in leaf's house carries on resisting!

Li Feng is to will never want to make Li Jia set up these three big enemies, even don't think because the reason of the oneself results in this hostile situation, oneself doesn't since this responsibility absolutely take.

Li Feng can imagine, if oneself really set up these three enemies for Li Jia, oneself was affirmation will be unlucky.At least, Li Jia's elder will have viewpoint to oneself and think that oneself is still not enough steady heavy, thus makes oneself become the dream that Li Jia's the third generation gets soldier's thing to thoroughly end up in nothing.

The east is red to pour is to think easily, oneself already for Li Rong giveĀ° the condition to find back come, son in the face all have been already had, get the Rao person's place and Rao person.

The east is red don't want a person who give offense to Li Jia as well, is much more than oneself don't want to ask for this trouble, also be worried that Li Rong basically cans not stand Li Jia's revenge.After all, Li Rong returns just a very small deputy director, Li Jia wants to want to make him absolutely is play finger and then can let hi <a href="">Authentic New Men Timberland Boots</a> s ash fly to annihilate!

At this time, the ambulance has been already come as well, Li Rong's pouring is the hospital that takes the same ambulance to with Li Bing.

Make the east red what to feel very dissatisfied BE, oneself makes people call 110 to report to the police, but 110 police officers hasn't been rushing through to come over.

"Younger brother, you at wait 110 police officers."Lin Sheng Bin imitates a Buddha to know the east is red to be just thinking what, smiled to explain, " Li Feng that boy take that pertaining to crime pair captain come of time, affirm already and 110 come to grips to shout."

The east is red to have some now understand, feelings still has by himself/herself some delicate!

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However, the east is red also to there is some exclamations in Li Feng's energy, this boy incredibly can let 110 police officers not, is very wonderful!

"Eastern elder brother, you are too kind.If"the leaf works properly stil
<a href="">Kids Discount Timberland Boots</a> l and just and angrily gravamen, " will teach Li Jia's two boys well according to my temper, Li Bing O.K. orders, that Lee's bedlamite I a see in the mind uncomfortable."

"The leaf workses properly, isn't my concession."The east is red to shake to shake head, the bitterness says with smile, " I am worried that my friend dares not provokes to ange Li Jia's person."

"Younger sister's son, I say, you hereafter want to do a lot of thinking more."The leaf covers with and then says with smile, " is your seeing eastern and red a person who is afraid of getting into trouble?He once does of the affair which piece isn't the affair that moved many people head?"

The leaf workses properly and then is getting more hasty:"I have never said again the eastern elder brother is afraid of getting into trouble and just sees bedlamite Lee with a revolting feeling."
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