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The online Buy WOW Gold strategy game End of Nations Free2Play version appears as a hybrid payment model. At this step, Trion Worlds has decided because the game experience depends in an MMO? Was ngig of the number of players. Apparently befГјrchten developers with a subscription model is not enough players from the gameplay јberzeugen to Can.

End of Nations Free2Play appears as a game with optional subscription GebГјhr. ? [Source: See Picture] After AnkГјndigung that as End of Nations Free2Play game is ver Released with optional subscription GebГјhr that Гјblichen concerns were raised on account of bezГјglich shops. In games with Account Store, some players worry that the Mating Hands in the shop are only cosmetic or "pay to win" are aswell a significant advantage gegenјber players weight? Lead to no money to spend Want. In an interview, The Executive Producer David Luehmann alues ​​to the fans of ge? U? Erten concerns.

According Luehmann it is in the shop no objects? Give to buy walls that lead an unfair weight advantage?. In addition, many Item Shop Mating? Hands in the game generated by W? Its currency to buy. To the question why Trion decided Гјberhaupt download a Free2Play business model Luehmann replied. End of Nations is an online strategy game that is designed for large s mass slaughter -? Participate because the more players, the more he gr of playing AnotherBall arkanoid game, so Luehmann. For this reason, the EinstiegshГјrde is as small as? Resembled fail to attract as many players. An optional subscription GebГјhr there will be Гјbrigens anyway. But is also not the playability benefits of weight? Run, but only nice amenities bringing download for subscribers. When the online strategy game End of Nations appears is not yet known. The interview with David Luehmann a quantity of the Free2Play payment model in End of Nations k? Your nnt read here.
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