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Runes Buy WOW Gold of Magic players will admission a new alcove to play in if the next amend goes live. Alleged "The Raksha Temple", the alcove will aswell acquiesce players to admission a adversity akin if entering. The ambition is to calm the animate gods....and get stuff. Developers admission declared that the harder the level, the bigger the rewards.

Legend tells of the Angren people, half-beast and half-human, who were bestowed the Northern Janost Backwoods by Baron Kalume for their efforts in the war adjoin the demons that were aggressive Zandorya. However, aloft clearing in their new territory, the Angren were affected to activity adjoin the celestial of the forest, Raksha, who believed the Angren would abort the backwoods for their settlement. The activity concluded in an acceding that the half-beast, half-men would not abuse the forest, and they would abetment the celestial in absorption the backwoods adjoin outsiders. In return, the careful god would admission them as allotment of the backwoods and abode them beneath his aegis while ambuscade in a angelic temple.
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