Sony bulb Fifa 14 Coins a new form
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Sony bulb Fifa 14 Coins a new form of Fernbedienung.Das company Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. In 2010, a patent with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office filed showing a known technology occurring. The patent was filed under the title position Conditional games, 3D controller and handheld as a remote control and displays a tablet hnliches Gert, which communicates with a TV screen (see picture).

The technique reminds abruptly to the controller of the Wii U, which Nintendo has presented at the last E3. Here, the Controller has not only the Гјblichen buttons, but additionally a screen guides for additional information or interact with the TV. It is aswell quite possible that Sony has a concept hnliches in store and received Next console generation relies on controllers with integrated screen.

More images of the patent show how the new controller interacts not only with the TV, but also with a games console. The operation of the TV and mglicherweise the games aswell to run in the future, such a quantity of a tablet controller.
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