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Hideo Kojima Buy Fifa 14 Coins verrt first details about Project Ogre.Гјber Twitter revealed the Metal Gear inventor Hideo Kojima first information about its current developed Discourse Project Ogre. There should be in Project Ogre therefore tatschlich ogre. This means that Kojima will not sit well with this project for the first time on a sci-fi setting in the near future.

Ogre Project For it is neither a Discourse as Ogre [of 1986], nor a spiritual successor of Ogre but a Discourse with ogres, so a quantity of Kojima Twitter. verffentliche Thus, in December screenshot is probably not a frГјhen version of Project Ogre, but located at a picture of his company in developing graphics engine Fox Engine. Due to the name Ogre GerГјchte were initially emerged that it was there at the Discourse mglichweise a project that is based on the OGRE engine of the same team. The OGRE engine is used among other things in Torchlight 2 and The Book of Tales accepted for use. Hideo Kojima is the creator of the Metal Gear series and Vizeprsident the developer and publisher Konami. He already won the MTV Lifetime Achievement Award guides for 45 years.
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