Of the Wii U Fifa 14 Coins controller
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Of the Wii U Fifa 14 Coins controller battery bentigt 2.5 hours Aufladen.Im under the big E3 press conference, Nintendo has a new console Wii U once again presents the public - including the slightly Гјberarbeiteten controller. Lie on this now before some new details.

Accordingly, the controller weighs about 500 grams, which is a bit less compared to the iPad versions. The dimensions of Gert's are 10.06 (Width) 5.25 (Height) and 1.61 inches (depth). The screen measures 6.2 inches and offers 16:9 format. However, the exact date Auflsung is still not known. In addition, the controller provides a front camera, a microphone. Rumble functionality and an NFC chip (Near Field Communication)

Also of interest are the details of the lithium-ion Akki the controller. This bentigt according to a statement from Nintendo about 2.5 hours download for a full charge. This then enough - depending on the brightness setting - download for three to fГјnf hours. This is ungefhr as long as with the PlayStation Vita.
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