15 minutes of play Fifa 14 Coins
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Bastion: 15 minutes of play Fifa 14 Coins in the 20th VideoAm July 2011 is the action-packed adventure Bastion appeared as one of the titles in Microsoft's Summer of Arcade program guides for Xbox 360 console. The imaginative Hau-it-Spa won seven awards at E3 2011 including as best downloadable game, and as the most original titles. The action role-playing game set in a world zerstrte that you build from the remains of the past and transform into a secure bastion.

The video gewhrt a first impression of the loving design of the game world and the innovative Acoustics: The gameplay commented a Erzhlstimme that responds to the player's actions and as you can see in the teaser is always to have guides for a joke. For Computer Players also there is good news: Bastion appear in late 2011 for PC.
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