Simple Cosplay makeup (makeup Nanami Haruka)
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Simple Cosplay makeup (makeup Nanami Haruka)

A few people have asked how I do my makeup for cosplay, this is not really rocket science, but I have to admit, it takes a lot of trial and experiementing. My first cosplay makeup was pretty bad, but I learned from there. Okay, less talk and more into it! I'm going to demonstrate my makeup for character Nanami Haruka Cosplay from Uta Prince series, she is pleased t easy so I thought it will be a good first introduction.

Firstly, the search of nature, to see the show or read the manga to find out more about their people Nlichkeit. They are sweet, gentle and genlte Or fiesty with a penchant for screaming and throwing things around This information will really help you to some extent. It is also good especially if they unique to store pictures of different views of the character flaws such as scars or UNUSUAL Have similar eyebrows.

One of the most important part of cosplay makeup base. You have to perfect porcelain skin for boys and girls M Create, and very few of us have so here is my cheat. 七海春歌 衣装 I use a base to compensate for all (mine is morning kiss from Guardian), I can still make HD Liquid Foundation (review demn Waxed), concealer nails to cover M (Covermark Japan) then powder foundation all over (Cezanne) everything is set up and does not move. You must not use the same products as me, but I personally find a liquid and powder combo that is best for my Celled combination skin wet in my country. Not on the basis of research thick and cakey worry, cleans the device t most of them if you need to apply with a heavy hand.
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