JEAN PAUL GAULTIER Spring Song Seven Seas
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JEAN PAUL GAULTIER Spring Song Seven Seas

Jean Paul Gaultier in the fashion industry can be said to be old, by the 1980s the rise, it is true there are ups and downs, but the most admired over the years as people have never stopped Guizhu Yi, India wind, stockings shirt, underwear Waichuan, men wearing women you certainly can not be seen.

But few to a few, he is the most beloved sailor suit, in addition to wearing a good example, but this spring and summer in the men on the trick, although new wine in old bottles of ideas, but this is definitely old wine mellow aroma, never drunk.

The time to return to Paris in June last year, men's week, this season's Jean Paul Gaultier's men abandoned the traditional "catwalk bridge" form a special trip to come from all directions media display clothes, changed to twenty-three models wearing Newly walk in the showroom, the closest distance for everyone to use touch to enjoy. In fact, this season's theme is sailing the seven seas so simple boy aspect, a cross between the brand signature Breton stripes will be dispatched service cases, but the style has become more diversified, in addition to the entry of tee, the more knitted polo tee and the Breton stripes with body lines twisted into interesting patterns of high-priced high fashion version. In addition, blue and black and white striped vest and more visible in the biker trousers on, 七海春歌 衣装 and in order to strengthen the image of a sailor suit, and ultimately, a typical one buttoned panel navy sailor pants and boat Zi pattern buttons. Set to increase even more freshness Gaultier terminus of the nautical India, so there are plenty of prints in the clothing business travel old Indian social attitudes Fig.

Indeed, all along, the illusion that we are difficult to wear Gaultier's men, not the general public's cup of tea, but in fact as long as we carefully monitor will appreciate every one shirt singled out, are not difficult to find than the previous design and easy to wear Ming faster, coveralls navy jumpsuit, patchwork striped shirts, and even sailor collar vest are the best examples, the master on the match even suggested in these projects with formal suit sailor suit for costume, creating a a so-called casual and formal wear contrast, aim to bring out the hope that today's not difficult at all clear Gaultier original.
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